Student Development in Higher Education – Theory, Research and Practice

Venue: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia.

Date: 23 - 27 July, 2018.

Fee: $4,500.00


Conference Objective

Student Development courses assist students in their transition to college. These courses provide essential information about policies and procedures, as well as strategies for academic and lifelong success.

Major Content Areas

  • Career Exploration and Planning
  • College Resources and Policies
  • Academic Planning
  • Study Skills
  • Life Management

Topics covered are course specific; however, they generally include the following:

  • Career Exploration and Planning
  • My TCC
  • Student Support Services
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Curricular Offerings and Academic Planning
  • Learning Styles and Study Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Social Interaction and Diversity
  • Communications Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Wellness

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Identify a potential career and articulate the steps needed to achieve their career goal.
  • Identify online college resources, student support services, and college policies regarding the rights and responsibilities of students.
  • Develop an academic plan identifying the steps needed to achieve their educational goals.
  • Identify their preferred learning style and effective study skills (e.g. note-taking, test-taking, memory strategies, and reading strategies) leading to optimal academic performance.
  • Articulate strategies to effectively manage various aspects of their lives (e.g. goal setting, time management, financial literacy, social interaction, communication skills, and wellness) in order to be successful.


ACCOMMODATION: This Conference is non-residential. Participants are to lodge in hotels of their choice near the conference centre. A list of these Hotels will be provided on request.